Monday, October 22, 2007

Are you a Lögberg or a Heimskringla?

Over the years I've worked at L-H, I've noticed that some long-time readers still associate with the original newspapers — some have said to me, "We only got the Heimskringla" or "We were a Lögberg family." When L-H had its first website in 1999,, we heard from a few people about how we were ignoring the Heimskringla. And when we launched the Heimskringla 120 Club in 2006 as a fundraising drive within the Future Fund, we heard from people who wondered why we were excluding Lögberg.

While I don't intend to explicate those past decisions here, I thought I'd mention that you can now put Lögberg or Heimskringla on your computer desktop, with some new desktop wallpapers our designer Lesley has come up with. (And yes, there are L–H desktops too...)

Visit our website and go to the "Get Icelandic" page. The desktop wallpapers are free to download, in a variety of sizes. We will be adding more as Lesley creates them.

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