Friday, October 19, 2007

Blogging versus editorials

I used to scorn the idea of writing a blog, since I write an editorial for L-H every two weeks and sometimes it's difficult enough to figure out what to write for that. I looked to my predecessors in the editor's chair, three of whom I worked with.

In backwards chronological order... Steinþór Guðbjartsson used to write about miscellaneous items, whether it be Icelandic communities he had visited, the collaborative Gimli Diet and Exercise Program, changing seasons and even airport security.

Lillian Vilborg Macpherson often wrote editorials based on memories — stories from her life, or about people she'd known, touching on subjects such as prejudice, holidays and places she had lived.

Gunnur Isfeld usually preferred not to write formal editorials, and I can see why... sometimes after putting the whole newspaper together you sometimes don't have anything else to say!

Still, a blog is more informal even than the "person-to-person" tone of an L-H editorial. Maybe I can interest you in tales of budget planning, ad campaigns, rustling up new ways to cover all things Icelandic that haven't been tried in the 121 years this newspaper has been publishing —

Wait, where are you going? This is exciting stuff!

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